the hue of two are fucking dead. viva la trav.

a brief history of the hue of two, by daniel danger.
daniel josh chris ben and ira had a band called tonight we revolution, it was kind of a mess. i think we played two shows, one without ira, who sang. ira left soon after. adam joined on vocals and we changed the name to the hue of two, and he was kind of a mess too, but was a neat guy. we played a bunch of shows with him, released a cd you will not see on this page, joan of arc ate our pizza, and then one night we realised adam didnt even know our names (literally), so we forgot he was in the band and moved on. trav joined and we played a show with no vocals once again that was sort of a good mess.

holly joined soon after and we began working on the 3 part vocals that was sort of the hues trademark. that went pretty well. we scrapped some old songs, wrote some new ones and recorded a cd and made ridiculous packaging. it was pretty neat, chris was a mess in the studio though. we ate some pizza too that had really weird tiny pepperonis on it. we played alot of shows, most were a really fun mess. we did a east coast tour that was remarkably not a mess. durring this tour, trav got purposely kicked in the face, ben drank alot, i lost my capo in every city, josh had AMAZING hair and got drunk in the shower, and some stuff happened in NYC that to this day remains secret.

chris left the band because he didnt want to admit to his parents that the reason he was doing shitty in college was because he slept through all his classes, not because he was in a busy band. we played a last show with chris in matching cowboy shirts and i tackled his drumset. justin took up drumming and being bossy and really big. ben left the band at some point in here to move away, we played a last show with ben in matching tshirts that said "ben yonda our buddy". ben had messy hair.

we did a couple more tours of various sizes, durring which i had a lung infection, trav got drunk and argued on the phone way too much and should have hooked up with that girl, holly made a billion dollars selling hoodies, justin air drummed pretty much nonstop, and josh and i quoted 'cant hardly wait' pretty much nonstop as well. we played a show in the dead of winter with the walkmen in front of 700 poeple and afterwards josh broke our van door window and i slid off the road into a snowpit. we recorded another much more polished cd in NJ, played an amazing show with our buddies aloha, which we all agree was our best ever show. and then we headed out on another really awesome tour with old drummer chris as our roadie.

we played our last show at the university of maryland, there is a recording of it somewhere, but nobody knows where it is. upon arriving home, josh moved back to pittsburgh, and we basically just stopped functioning in his absence.

travis plays as little yellow bird in rochester NY still.
josh lives in pittsburgh and does something with computers. he needs to move to MA.
holly lives in buffalo and last i heard was making chicken costumes for a horror movie.
justin is currently at the supermarket, he got married to. to a woman. they live upstairs.
i live in MA with justin and chris. justin and i play in a city safe from sea together.
chris works at bananna republic and was wearing a $100 shirt last i saw him, he lives upstairs.
ben lives in NYC and works for nickelodeon. hes still obsessed with bunnies.
i have no idea what adam is up to. having a beard im sure.
ira showed up at some point, he had a beard too.

farewell my monorail, live in fairport NY.
adventures in junior high logic, live in fairport NY.
this was chris's last show with us.

adventures in junior high logic, live in monson MA
quicktime. shot and edited by joe at immaconmovies
LOTS more videos coming.


more photos to look at


2005 - untitled full length.

90 tour copies released in red/black silkscreened sleeves
never actually released after that, deal with it.
printable insert

01 - this bed isnt mine but i play ghost in the sheets
02 - i am not electric not at all
03 - driving directions to the worst day of my life
04 - adventures in jr high logic
05 - oh pooh, new home for you
06 - staying together is the new breaking up
07 - knife in a clock fight

2004 - doctor doctor this citys sick.

first pressing: 200 copies released in cloth silkscreened doctors kits with folders with x-rays.
second pressing: 100 copies in silkscreened dark green cloth doctors kits with folders with band aids
third pressing: 100 copies in just the manilla folder
fourth pressing: 50 copies in stamped covers made from old records, that folded open. tied with ribbons.
printable insert

01 - farewell my monorail
02 - my room (this is nothing like anne frank)
03 - devotion
04 - ...and when they call
05 - adventures in jr high logic LIVE (only on the last pressing)

last show

our last show was at the university of maryland radiostation WMUC, actually in the station. we played with the fantastic hi ho six shooter, sing sing prison, and some other bands whos names escape me. we didnt know this would be our last show, otherwise we would have played more than 5 songs and we would have played them better. these are by no means polished recordings, they were soundboard mixes broadcast over the air. actually we didnt even know we were being recorded. the hue has had bad luck in the past with playing live on radiostations, one time broadcasting to the greater boston area easily the worst ever performance of anything ever, so i actually blame the continuation of this curse on why this was our last show.
01 - oh pooh new home for you
02 - staying together is the new breaking up
03 - adventures in jr high logic
04 - i am not electric not at all
05 - knife in a clockfight